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About Rebecca Mann Interiors


Experienced and Capable

As an ICS certified Interior Decorator  and an HSR certified Home Stager and Redesigner with 17 years of experience, Rebecca Mann Interiors  knows how to apply the principles of design.  I can create rooms that are inviting.  Rooms that draw you in. Rooms that make you want to sit down and relax.   So whether you want to improve the look and feel of a home that you are planning on living in or you have one that could be a little more irresistable to buyers, Rebecca Mann Interiors would love to help you achieve that goal.


Caring and Considerate

Rebecca Mann Interiors understands how difficult it might be to have someone come to your home and tell what they think is wrong with it.   I get it!   I understand that it's your home, your haven, and I truly want you to not only be pleased with the end product, but I want you to enjoy the process as well. Customer relations are extremely important to me.  I will offer you my best advice and I will also be honest with you if I believe a design choice is not a solid one, but I will only suggest and not dictate changes. 


Design Philosphy

Well designed rooms are not just for the rich and famous.  They are something that should be attainable by anyone.  Obviously, the bigger the budget, the bigger the wow factor, but that doesn't mean that the principles of design can't be applied to smaller budgets.  Every room should have furniture and accessories to scale, a pleasing color palette, a balanced furniture arrangement, and a nice mix of patterns and texures.  It's amazing  what even a few changes can do to make a space go from being "Okay," to "Oh, my gosh! That looks so good!!"


Services Provided

Home Staging, Redesigns, Interior Decorating, and Color Consulting


2019 NAR Profile of Home Staging Report

Almost half (44%) of Seller’s Agents believe the staging increased the value of the home 6-20%

Over 83% of buyers find it “easier to visualize the property as their future home” when it’s staged.

The statistics speak for themselves.  If your home is on the market, staging is a must and as an HSR certified Home Stager, I can absolutely increase the likelihood that your home will sell faster and for more money.  By staging in a way that allows potential homeowners to see a lifestyle to which they want to aspire and by giving your home that warm, welcoming feel,  buyers will be thinking "Oh, I want to live here!!" from the moment they walk in the door.  


Redesigns are an excellent way to breathe new life into a home without having to invest in a lot of new merchandise.  We can use what you already have, apply the principles of design, and ta da, it will feel like new.  


Whether you're moving into a new home or are ready to make some serious updates, Rebecca Mann Interiors can create a design plan, based on your likes and needs, that will add not only beauty, but function and personal touches to your home.  Together, we can make your home a welcoming haven that allows you to feel calmer and more productive.   

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Certified color consultant

Additional Information

Color is visceral, emotional, and sets the tone and mood of a room.  It is the foundation of a great design plan and it can have amazing or devastating effects.  Color is complicated!  Before you spend several hundreds of dollars on having walls, cabinets, or trim painted, seek the advice of a professional to avoid the devastating effects of choosing colors that do not adhere to the color rules.  Nobody wants to spend time and money to end up with so-so results or to have to start all over because you are that dissatisfied with the final look and feel of your freshly painted room.  Investing in professional advice is a good investment.  Think of how satisfying it would be to know that your home is color perfect!

What can you expect during a Color Consultation?

I will spend up to 3 hours with you following a 6-step Color Read process on your home.  We will discuss several things including the moods that you want your rooms to convey, the directionality of sunlight into the rooms, the "dictators" in the rooms, and any possible "showstoppers."  We will determine the right white for your trim, the neutrals with the correct undertones, and accent hues to add the perfect amount of drama with which you feel comfortable. The consult fee is $100 and $50 is due at time of scheduling.  Call me and let's reserve time to determine your home's perfect color palette!  


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